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We have a lot of experience with burials and can help you make all the necessary arrangements. This includes purchasing a new grave, re-opening an existing grave, burials of ashes, masonry and headstones.

Our Traditional Burial Services

Giving better care, when you need it most

We work with all the local churches and cemeteries. Local cemetary practices vary between the church authorities and the council. This includes the purchasing of new graves, re-opening of an existing grave, burials of ashes, and also their rules on masonry and headstones. We are experienced with all the local cemetries and can assist you with all aspects of arranging a burial. We can also arrange eco funerals with burials in natural grave sites, and woodland burial grounds. Where a burial is concerned we always recommend you call us so we can assist you directly.

Please use the links below for our service examples and costs.

Beware of The Standardised Price List!

    The Standardised Price List became a legal requirement after an investigation by the Competitions and Markets Authority, into the high prices charged by some Funeral Directors. The idea was that a standardised price list would help grieving families make comparisons between Funeral Directors, by making it a legal requirement to show a price list online.

    However, the system is flawed as the requirement is to show prices for the most basic of funerals. These are often referred to as "Simple Attended Funerals". This is a service which will have many caveats, such as restrictions in the choice of dates or times of service, and whether it's possible to visit a loved one in a chapel of rest. There will also usually be a requirement to meet at the Crematorium so no leaving from a family home, or provision of a funeral cortege.

    The Standardised Price list is being used by some Funeral Directors to show an artificially low price to encourage you to use them. They will then add on extras to increase the bill significantly. A coffin, flowers, orders of service, cortege routing, whether a loved one can be dressed in their own clothes, and the list goes on.

    It is a very limited service. But as it is a legal requirement, you can view our Standardised Price List here.

    We are the only local funeral director to show all our prices online. We always feel that if a web site has no prices, or suggests you call for prices, then they are hiding something expensive. To see our prices, simply click on our service pages for a full breakdown of what we offer and how much it costs. Finally, our prices shown are our prices charged, we don't believe in prices "from".

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