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The Corona Virus

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The information below details our appoach to dealing with funerals during the current COVID19 Corona Virus out break.

COVID 19 - Corona Virus

The Corona Virus is impacting every aspect of life at the moment, and funeral care is no exception. We are having to adapt our service to meet the needs of clients who may be self-isolating.  We are aware that arranging a funeral is an emotionally difficult process under normal conditions, so adding the Corona Virus to things makes it even more challenging. Thankfully churches are now opening although they are limiting attendance to 30 people, although this must include their staff, and not just mourners.  

Attending a Funeral.

Attending a funeral is once again changing. Both Crewe and Macclesfield Crematoriums are still limiting attendees to just 30 family members. However alternative local crematorium that are nor owned or run by the council can accommodate much larger groups while respecting social distancing guidelines. We recommend you call us if you have concerns or questions. Tel 01260 297963.

It may not be possible for everyone to attend the funeral service, either because they are ill or self-isolating.  However we are aware that people still want to pay their respects and see the service. Most Crematorium offer a web cast live streaming service allowing people to watch the funeral service online. We can also record the service allowing for it to be watched at a later date. To see examples of our video service please click here.

Making Funeral Arrangements.

Our reception is open for you to visit if you are able to. We are happy to make all arrangements face to face here. We are also happy to visit you in your home if you would like us to.

For those in self-isolation we have decided to offer that funeral arrangements can made over the phone rather than face-to-face.  We will phone you, our client and discuss all aspects of the funeral. We will make all the necessary arrangements via telephone and then we will complete all the necessary paperwork on your behalf. We will then post the documents to you, for signature. We will include a stamped addressed envelope so the documents can be returned to us with minimal interaction.  Any payments that need to made can be done via a debit or credit card, and again over the telephone. 

Visiting a loved one.

It is part of our normal practice to ensure that our funeral home is as sterile as possible for our visitors.  We routinely disinfect door handles and working surfaces anyway.  We are happy for authorised people to visit a loved one at our funeral home as long as people are sensible.

With regard as to whether the deceased should be presented in an open or closed coffin, we have decided to approach this in as sensible and pragmatic manner as possible.  If a person has passed away from causes other than Corona Virus or a known infectious disease, then the coffin can be open when you visit.

If the death is attributed to Corona Virus we will adapt the same measures that we would if someone had passed away from Hepatitis, or HIV, in which case we would recommend the coffin remains closed. This was the same approach taken during 2010 and the N1H1 Swine flu epidemic.  

Alternatives to a Funeral?

Another alternative is our Cremation Without A Ceremony service, which costs £1199 and is fully inclusive of all disbursements. The deceased is cremated in private and with no family in attendance, a few days later the ashes are returned back to the family. These can then be either scattered, or kept for a later "Thanks Giving" type service, celebration of life, or memorial. Given that we have no idea when normality will return, this could be a useful option.

The government may take further action to counter the Corona Virus outbreak and we may have to adapt to that. But as things stand we are going to be pro-active in our approach, both to protect our clients and to ensure the dignity of their loved ones.

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