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Anthea Mary Doorbar.

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Anthea Mary Doorbar passed away peacefully on Wednesday 16th June 2021 at Macclesfield Hospital, aged 80.

Funeral Service of the LAte Anthea Mary Doorbar.

The video of Anthea's service will be uploaded shortly.



Anthea Mary was born to Albert and Elsie Poole at their home, 3 Fountain Street on September 4th 1940.  

Along with siblings Jennifer, Janet, Christine and the late Stuart, the hard working family created a loving home in a time when people had very little and rationing meant inventive and simple meals taken around the family table.
Anthea would be sent out to the local shop to collect some of the rations and had recalled getting into terrible trouble for eating the cheese by the time she had got home!

Anthea attended St. James School, along with her siblings, a school now sadly demolished but which had opened in the 1840’s, it was situated in North Street and at the time ruled over by head master Mr Coppack and a much loved and respected English teacher Mrs Stansfield. Anthea  quickly emerged as a kind and helpful child and was quickly singled out to help others learn to read.

After the war years the country settled back into a new normality and after Anthea left school she went to work, like many local girls at Beresford’s the ribbon makers, in Victoria Mill, as a Loom operator. The Sebire family moving the company forward in the 1950’s and 60’s with the introduction of woven label manufacturing,  following the latest trends and techniques. It was a good and steady job and in time Anthea moved onto training other Loom operators in Stockport.

By the time of the swinging 60’s and at a Christmas party held at Astbury Village Hall, a young man by the name of Roy had gone along with his friend to enjoy a drink and dance. Anthea’s brother, Stuart had taken Anthea along for the evening. The evening took its course and finally Roy plucked up the courage to ask for a dance. Roy says that he “trampled Anthea’s toes quite badly” but she never complained! The evening ended with Anthea telling Roy that she wasn’t able to go on a date with him as she was already engaged…..

However it was only 3 months after this that Stuart, re- introduced the couple and Roy was thrilled to be told that Anthea had broken off her previous engagement. Roy proposed soon after.

They married at the Methodist Church on Fountain Street during the Christmas of 1960-61 and would have been celebrating their Diamond wedding this year. The newlyweds honeymooned in Blackpool, and a wonderful photograph is displayed on the mantelpiece at the family home in North Street. It still shows what a handsome young man Roy was with his beautiful new bride.

It was during this time that a fledgling band called The Beatles had just bought out their new single ‘Love me Do’, which became the sound track to their honeymoon adventure as it was played on transistor radios and jukeboxes. Love me Do was played at the end of Anthea’s funeral service.

The Doorbars then moved into a house in Burns Road where they made a comfortable home and a discovered Anthea was pregnant. So they then bought the house on North Street which has remained the family home ever since, for the price of £500.

In January 1965 Stephen was born. Roy was working nights as an engineer for Polarcold, so Anthea and Stephen became very close. When Stephen was a toddler he would often climb up into his mum’s bed at night and Mum and Son would drift off to sleep together. Anthea also had a second son, Antony. He sadly passed away at birth, something which no parents should have to go through. Five years after Stephen, Jason came along to complete the family.

They settled into life at North Street, with Roy remaining as an engineer and Anthea working after Beresford’s, as a Cleaner at Danesford Community Home. Then Buglawton hall School, before becoming a Dinner lady at St James, where the boys were then attending.

Grandma Elsie was also a Dinner lady here, but the ladies showed no favouritism to their sons and grandsons who, if wanting seconds would have to sit nicely and put their hands up like all the other youngsters.

Stephen and Jason were taught to work hard by both their parents, to appreciate everything that came their way and never to expect anything. As chidren they were both rewarded for their discipline as Anthea would visit Woolworths and buy small boxes of lego as a treat which the boys loved to play with.

During their married life Roy and Anthea enjoyed well-earned holidays with extended family at Grandma Elsie’s caravan in Abergele, to Douglas on the Isle of Mann, a cruise on the Reine and a holiday camping in France.

When not working hard Anthea would enjoy a swim followed by sauna nights with girls from Beresford’s at the leisure centre, going cycling with the Congleton Cycling club or regaining her energy by reading. She enjoyed many books, but her favourites being those written by Catherine Cookson and that she would borrow from the library. She enjoyed her knitting, making lovely jumpers for the boys.

Anthea and Roy continued to enjoy nights out dancing either to live bands or DJ’s with gramophone records to entertain them at the Town Hall or the Vale House Club which Roy and some other lads had done up.

Despite this busy life Anthea always had time for others, birthdays were never forgotten and when Jennifer was in hospital in Buxton Anthea would frequently make the journey to visit, befriending another patient who used a wheel chair. Anthea would take this lady out for some fresh air and a change of scenery.  She was always caring and deeply considerate of others.

In her later years Anthea and Stephen’s wife Debbie, became very close and would enjoy shopping trips into town together and of course her Grandchildren Luke and Isabel gave her great pleasure.

A caring, considerate and compassionate sister, wife, mother, aunt, mother in law and friend Anthea will be remembered by many with a smile and with love. She spent her final weeks in Macclesfield Hospital, under the care of the Nurses on Ward 4.  She sadly passed away on Wednesday June 16th 2021.

Her funeral service was held at Birches Crematorium on Tuesday 6th July and conducted by Jill Young. 


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