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Janet Christine Ellis

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Janet passed away peacefully on Tuesday 13th March 2021 at Macclesfield Hospital, aged 69.

Funeral Service of the late Janet Christine Ellis

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Janet Christine Ellis was born on Tuesday 18th December 1951 at home in Parkett Hayes Road, to Florence and George. Janet was the baby of the family, youngest of 6, a perfect little sister to Joan, Brian, Brenda, Fred and Norman. She had a happy childhood, she attended Broken Cross Primary school and Park Royal secondary. The family home backed onto the primary school. To save walking round Janet would just climb over the back fence into the school grounds and off she went, and not much for the school dinners she would just hop back over at lunchtime and Flo would have her lunch waiting for her.

Holidays as a child were to Blackpool, North wales and lots of daytrips. Later in life, Bostock coach jaunts to the illuminations, markets, and musicals . She even ventured as far as Benidorm a couple of times with her friend Enid. She would go on day trips with the disabled club, she would even hire a mobility scooter to keep up

In 1977 Janet’s life changed completely when Emma was born. Seventeen months later, Tina arrived to complete her family.

Janet was approachable, an agony aunt and she would help anyone. She was like a second mum to everyone. When Emma and Tina met their Husbands, She welcomed them quite literally with open arms. Tina went to night school to learn to do manicures. Janet would let her practice on her nails even though she bit them, she still let her.

Janet loved being a mum, but she loved being a Nana to Ethan, Beth and Hope, even more.

Music was a big part of Janet’s life, she loved it, Rod Stewart, boy bands like Boyzone and Take That were favorites. She would buy a single from Woolworths, Play it LOUD, on REPEAT windows wide open. Emma and Tina were also forced into reenacting Musicals. The Joseph soundtrack was played so much that Tina inadvertently knew all the words and Janet would make her Narrate and act out the scenes in the kitchen.

Janet had a few jobs, She worked at ICI, she was a housewife, she was a parent helper at school. Her favorite job was at Westland’s High school, where she worked in the school kitchen and cleaned. She also worked on a Saturday morning in Argos cleaning.

Janet, LOVED. Christmas.

Born the week before, she was like a giddy child from November right up until the big day, Fir-cones, glitter, Icicles, snowflakes, Christmas jumpers, fake snow, more fake snow and even MORE fake snow, less is more was not an option. Even as an adult Janet would go and see Father Christmas each year. Even her dog was called Merry.

At the first snowflake of the year falling, a call would be made to everyone to tell them to look out of the window…

Family was at the forefront of Janet’s life. The grandchildren would always see her familiar face in the sea of parents at harvest festivals and nativities. Every birthday was OTT with glitter or sequins filling cards to explode all over the floor when they were opened. She was very proud of her family and wasn’t shy to tell anyone that would listen. She did her best for her girls and was always there for them. They could tell her anything and she supported them when they needed it most.

Janet was generous, welcoming, approachable, fun, embarrassing, funny, she didn’t like to be the Centre of attention, which is hilarious because she usually made herself exactly that, by her crazy antics. She loved her family, friends and truly embraced life itself.

Sadly and unexpectedly, Janet died on the 13th March.

Her funeral celebration was held at Birches Crematorium on Wednesday March 31st 2021. Donations were made in leu of flowers and donated to The Alzehimers Society.

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