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Pamela Larvin

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Pamela Larvin, passed away peacefully on Wednesday 9th June 2021 at home, aged 62.

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Pam Larvin was born in Macclesfield General Hospital in 1959 to Joseph and Hilda Sneyd.

Pam’s Father Joe worked at the Radway munitions factory in Alsager. His work was classified and therefore too important for him to be sent to fight in the war. Tragically Pam’s dad was killed in a car accident when she was seven. Hilda was a dressmaker and made Pam’s wedding dress. As well as dressmaking Hilda was awarded medals for serving in the land army.

Pam attended Daven School in Congleton. After leaving school she went on to work for ICI Pharmaceuticals in Macclesfield becoming a team leader.

She met the love of her life Ian at Congleton Leisure Centre during a squash tournament in the summer of 1979. Pam was 20 years old at that time. Pam also played squash and was on the squash Committee involved in organising the tournaments. Pam's 21st birthday party followed in January 1980 at Astbury village hall. This was also where they got married. Their wedding took place in Astbury Parish Church and last year they celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary.

For the first few months of marriage they lived with Pams mum in Kinsey Street before buying their first house in Wheelock. Pam carried on working at ICI until 1984. This was when Pam spotted a business opportunity for sale in Congleton and sent Ian to have a look, she couldn’t go herself and told Ian to put an offer in if he liked it. Pam and Ian purchased the building and Off Licence calling it Hiccups. They never looked back. Pam and Ian were a real team. It was much more than an off licence and became a local convienience store, open all hours, seven days a week. After a couple of years they added a newsagents. It was during this time that they were delighted to welcome their Daughter Gemma into the world in the September of 1984. Pam also running Hiccups with Ian was also taking popmobility classes. Pam was also taking classes two days before Gemma was born. Hiccups was a real success and they ran it for ten years. They sold the business but kept the property which they still own today and now consists of a Letting agency a 2 bed flat and a 1 bed flat .

They then went into partnership with great friend Peter Hollinshead and purchased a property in Congleton consisting of a massive cellar, 2 shop units and a flat. They rented the shop units and flat and decided to make the cellar into “The Vaults Bistro”.

In August 1987, Pam and Ian were delighted with the birth of their second daughter Abigail. As with Gemma, the day before Abi was born, Pam was taking a popmobility class.

In 1989 Pam and Ian bought an old bungalow in Moss Road, Congleton and knocked it down to build a four bedroomed house. Pam would help Ian stack bricks at night ready for the brickies to start the next day. Pam loved getting involved in everything. After moving in to the new house Pam had always wanted to breed German shepherds and decided to buy a bitch and started breeding with Josh (her dog). Over the next few years Pam bred over 300 puppies. Pam was always sad to see the puppies leave.

In 1993 Ian’s Dad asked Ian to help build him a new house and offered Ian and Pam the chance to buy his house which was perfect for them.  Pam and Ian sold up in Congleton and set to building Ian's Mum and dad a new house and then fully renovating their new home which they knew would be their final move.  They did this while living in a static caravan.

All Pam and Ian’s work paid off and the family were able to enjoy lots of family holidays together, getting away usually 3 times a year and travelling to Spain Greece Portugal and the canaries. They particulary enjoyed their holidays to Greece with Neil and Jane. About 15 years ago Pam and Ian had their first holiday to the Greek island of Samos which they fell in love with and holidayed every year since sometimes twice a year. During their visits to Samos they became close and dear friends with Resturaunt owners Stephanos George and Irini. Pam always shed a tear when coming home.They also made friends With Kjell [shell} and Unni a lovely couple from Norway. In 2019 Pam and Ian and the whole family went on holiday and visited the Pirates village on the island of Majorca.  Before that Pam and Ian enjoyed a lovely holiday with Neil and Jane to Barbados They had a great time and repeated it the following year and should have been going with Neil and Jane a couple of years ago but Pams illness prevented this. Pam’s last holiday abroad was to Krakow in Poland in January 2020, a place she had always wanted to visit.

Pam’s family meant the world to her. She was very much the glue that brought everything together. She was so proud of Gemma and Abi, not just because of what they achieved in their lives but the people they have become. Her grandchildren, Isabella Emilia Grace and Charlie were a massive part of her life and meant the world to her. She was a very loving and doting Nanny.

Everyone loved getting together for Pam’s Sunday dinner and special occasions like Christmas , Easter and especially birthdays. Her 4pm Sunday roasts were legendary and even when she was too poorly to cook, she was still there as director of operations.

Pam loved Christmas, even managing to source Christmas toilet roll! Pam and Ian also visited Christmas markets in Germany, Manchester, Liverpool and the last few years visiting York Christmas markets. Pam and Ian’s final venture was last Christmas when Pam enjoyed helping Ian make 66 reindeers for Gemma and Abi’s friends. She glued all the antlers, noses and eyes onto the deers that Ian had made out of logs.

Pam had a love of animals who just like the people in her life, inevitably loved her back. Ever since she had her first horse Flan as a young girl horses, were a big part of Pams life. After Flan came a number of ponies for the girls came. Later she had Wallace, an ex showjumper followed by Jade another show jumper. Pam has owned Jade for the last 20 years and upto a 10 days before Pam died Ian would take her to see Jade. One of the loves of Pam’s life was "Tiggie" her Yorkshire Terrier.

Pam also loved to go to Stoke to watch the football with Ian, Neil and Jane. One particular game she spent her time talking and laughing with Gordon Banks!

Inevitably, Pam leaves countless memories, legacies and family traditions which no doubt her family will continue in her name.  
Pam fought her illness with silent dignity and always faced it with optimism and a stoic attitude.  She passed away peacefully at home, and surrounded by her family on Wednesday 9th June 2021 aged 62. 

Her funeral was held at Birches Crematorium on Saturday 27th June 2021, and conducted by Martin McNally.  Pam arrived at Birches Crematorium within a sparkly blue coffin and a beautiful horse drawn hearse. Pam chose the colour of the coffin herself, wanting something similar to her favourite BMW Z4.   

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