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Julia Ruth Mary Hughes (Ruth)

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Ruth passed away peacefully on Tuesday 27th February 2021, aged 65.

Obituary of Julia Ruth Mary Hughes

Julia Ruth Mary Hughes or Ruth as she was known to everyone,  was born on Saturday 12th November 1955 to Dorothy and Norman.  The Second child of six, she had two brothers and three sisters. Stephen was the oldest, then Ruth, Gary, Karen, Linda and Debbie.

Ruth attended Trinity Square primary school,  Hurdsfield Junior school and later onto Tytherington high School for Girls. The school was founded in the 1860’s and was moved to its current site in the early 1950’s just before Ruth was born. It stayed a girls school until the 1970’s.

When Ruth was around 10 she had Tuberculosis that left her hard of hearing, this only became evident when she was forever turning the television up to try and hear it. She was fitted with hearing aids and that helped.  As a teenager Ruth wasn’t keen on this hearing aid as it was not particularly discrete and certainly not fashionable for a teenager in the 1960’s! Ruth didn’t like to wear it when out and about, because she was conscious of it,  so regularly took it off.  This sometimes made her appear rude when people spoke to her, but in truth she just couldn’t hear them. Ruth went on to study a sign language course and became a very good lip reader.

To aid her recovery from TB, Ruth and her sister Karen went to live for a while with their Grandma Jean in Rhos on Sea.  Jean worked selling ice cream there and the girls loved to go into work with her! Ruth moved back to North Wales later in her life, this time to Llandudno.

Ruths first job was at MacFisheries at the weekends. She also worked in care roles later in her life before an accident at work stopped her working.  

When she was 17 she fell pregnant and along came her daughter Tracey, They lived with Ruths Mum and Dad, Stephen, Gary, Karen, Linda and Debbie. In total there were nine sharing a 3 bedroom house in Macclesfield. Ruth decided to get a place of her own and, both and Gary moved in together with Tracey. This was a big help to Ruth, not only financially running a house but Gary took his Uncle role very seriously and would regularly babysit Tracey when Ruth was out at work.

In 1976 Dorothy, Ruth and Tracey went to visit Aunty Nora in Canada, they flew with Freddie Laker Airways, this was a big adventure for them all. Freddie Laker was a well known charter airline, the founder Freddie was declared bankrupt a few years later and the airline folded, this was a source of scandal for Ruth and was mentioned regularly through the the years.

Ruth married in 1981 and moved down to London, they lived there for around 6 years before Ruth and Tracey moved back to Macclesfield back to Ruths parents.

Ruth opened her doors to family, Claire and Kerry-Ann Lived with Ruth and Tracey while they waited for their new house to be ready. Karen and Steve had stayed with other relatives, so that Christmas was extra special when they were all together at Ruths over the festive period.

Ruth lived in different parts of the country over the years, Macclesfield, London, Llandudno, Cumbria, but settled in Manchester.

Ruth was kind and caring, she had a big heart and she enjoyed crocheting and would regularly make baby blankets for any new additions, she was quick witted, had a dry sense of humour and took pride in her appearance. She also LOVED Marc Bolan and T. REX.  She was happiest with a big bar of chocolate, a fizzy drink and a crime drama on TV.  She was very loved will be dearly missed by all who knew her.

Tragically and unexpectedly Ruth died on the 27th January 2021.

Her funeral was held at Macclesfield Crematorium on February 2021. Donations were made in lieu of family flowers and donated to Cancer Research. 

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