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Victor Terence Cartlidge (Terry)

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Victor also known as Terry passed away peacefully on Monday 4th January 2021 at the Royal Stoke University Hospital, aged 87.

Funeral Service of the late Victor Terence Cartlidge

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Terry passed away peacefully on Monday 4th January 2021 at the Royal Stoke University Hospital, aged 87. The beloved Husband of Elaine, Father of Gary and Father in law to Michele, Brother to Janet and Lesley, Grandfather of Sam and Step Grandfather to Bianca.

Terry was born Victor Terence Cartlidge on October 27th 1933 in Hanley, a first born to Doris and George, the family becoming complete with the arrival of Terry’s sisters Janet and later Lesley. His early schooling took place at Kingsfield School in Biddulph and like many others when he was old enough he took on a paper round to earn some pocket money.

As Terry got older and more independent he enjoyed cycling and would often go for long rides out, memorably one day cycling all the way to Southport, a distance of over 70 miles one way, with little or no money and just a packed sandwich to sustain him.

When Terry left school his parents, knowing of his talents for detailed drawing and precision wanted him to train as a Draughtsman, presumably at the time a sought after and safe career path to take but Terry had other ideas and took a job in a foundry.

When National Service for all able bodied men between ages of 18-30 was introduced in 1949, Terry was stationed at RAF Tern Hill in Shropshire were today there is still an airfield. Terry worked on the aircraft which in this early post war period were used as a basic trainer for the RAF and known as the ‘Percival Prentice’ however terry did miss his home and would make the journey home when ever leave allowed travelling, having upgraded from his cycle, to a pink motor scooter.

After the 18 months of National Service Terry returned home and took up his education attending night school to train as a Draughtsman, he was then employed by Stoke based company ‘Hydronol’

Finding independence once more Terry, like many others enjoyed evenings out dancing to the wonderful live bands of the late 1950’s and in his early 20’s would often frequent the Majestic Dance Hall in Hanley. It was here that he met and courted Elaine. During which time the couple also went to dances at the Trentham Garden’s Ballroom were the dance floor was so big that most couples could only hope to travel once around the dance floor before the music ended, and were engaged after just 12 months being married just a year later, on December 27th 1957.

The couple lived in rented accommodation during their early married life before moving to a new build bungalow on Menai Drive when they found out they were to become parents to Gary, this bungalow was to become their home for 58 years.

Terry developed a thirst for education and decided to go back to college and train to become an electrician, these qualifications helped him gain employment as Supervising Foreman for Siemans Electrical in Congleton, work which saw him regularly travelling up to the North East to work on electrical panels in shipping. After a time he then moved to work wiring panels at Data-Star another Congleton firm.

It was during the time Gary was growing up that Terry changed careers purchasing a Grocer’s Store in Holden Bridge and running this with the help of Elaine and the rest of the family, making  and selling the famous Staffordshire oatcakes in Smallthorne. Both businesses were very successful and the couple ran the Oatcake shop until retirement.

Terry and Elaine were to have another shining star in their lives with the birth of their Grandson Sam, now 17. For many years in Sam’s early life they would care for him allowing Gary and Michelle to work which was of course a fantastic help.

Although there was large age gap between Terry and his youngest sister Lesley, she became more involved with Terry as time passed,and Elaine and Terry were often invited to social gatherings at Lesley and her husband Bernard’s home, including grand garden parties which later Terry would recount with pride mentioning what a wonderful voice Bernard had – he sang with the renowned and popular Biddulph Male Voice Choir and how beautiful the garden was at the back of Lesley and Bernard’s house.

Victor passed away peacefully on Monday 4th January 2021 at the Royal Stoke University Hospital, aged 87, surrounded by his family.

The funeral was held privately at Birches Crematorium on Tuesday 19th January 2021. Donations were collected in lieu of flowers and then gifted to Dementia UK.

Alongside Victor’s direct family, other attendees were Sharon & Mark Buckley, Morgan Buckley, Margaret & Ernie Kenny, Sam and Bianca Gladman, Leslie Daniels, Bernard Clews, Jenny Weston (Daniels) and Janet & John Harris.

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