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Obituary and Memorial of the Late Audrey Elizabeth Reade

Audrey Elizabeth Reade was born on 26th February 1928 in Derbyshire in the village of Breadsall.  Her parents were Hettie Amelia and John William Bull who everyone referred to as Ett and Will.  The family moved to Derby as Will started working for Rolls Royce in the transport department. Ett worked as a seamstress.

Audrey attended school in Derby. Audrey was particularly close to her cousin Alan. They grew up together and were more like brother and sister.  Audrey grew up as part of a close knit family and community. Her gran lived next door with her Aunty Lil. Audrey’s friends were mainly her cousins and her neighbours.

After the second world war, Rolls Royce transferred its car production and her dad Will was offered a promotion and so had the chance to move his family to Crewe. This was much to the 18 year old Audrey’s dismay as it meant leaving family and friends back in Derby.

Audrey also began working for Rolls Royce in the late 40s and early 50s. It was then that she met a young engineer called Ron Reade.  They courted for about 5 years and were eventually married in St Barnabas’ Church in Crewe on 23rd June 1956. They went to Jersey for their honeymoon, to a place known as ‘Greve De Leq’. They loved it so much there that they subsequently named their bungalow after ‘Greve De Leq’.

Their first home was on Sunnybank Road in Crewe, not far from the Rolls Royce factory. They lived there for about 6 years. They then moved to their bungalow or ‘Greve De Leq’ as they had named it. It was a two bedroom bungalow on Tennyson Avenue on the ‘Poet’s’ estate in Crewe. The estate was newly built in 1962. This became their family home for the rest of their married life.

They became parents when their only child Jane Elizabeth was born in February 1962.

During their lives together, Audrey and Ron enjoyed touring the UK. In the early days they would tour around Devon and Cornwall in Ron’s old Singer car.  Ron loved cars and after saving hard, they bought a new Ford Anglia in 1960.  In 1961, Audrey and Ron toured all over Scotland in their new car, staying in different places for one night at a time. One of their favourite places for a family day out was Tatton Park and they went there on many occasions. They also loved visiting the Peak District.

During the winter of 1967, every Sunday Ron would go to work at a garage near to Ringway Airport where he spent months restoring an old Rolls Royce. The money he earned, he used to pay for a foreign holiday for him and Audrey.  They went on a two week holiday to Ibiza in October 1968

After Jane left home, Audrey and Ron continued to enjoy their holidays together visiting Greece.  Jane and Neil spent four lovely holidays with Audrey and Ron, visiting Menorca three times and a trip to Nerja on the Costa Del Sol. There was always plenty of, beer, whiskey and barbeques during those holidays.

Audrey loved listening to music, particular the likes of Nat King Cole and The Batchelors. She was a good knitter and her speciality was Aran sweaters. She loved pottering in her garden and very much enjoyed her shopping trips with Jane, spending the day in places like Chester and Hanley in Stoke. Audrey and Ron got in to a routine of meeting up with their friends on a weekly basis at The Rising Sun in Wistaton Green, near Crewe.

Audrey was very house proud and always made sure ‘Greve De Leq’ was spick and span!

She wasn’t just house proud but also very particular about her own appearance and she had her hair done every Thursday.  She always looked smart with tasteful clothes and always wore make up.

Sadly, Ron died in 2012 and although this was a real setback for Audrey, because of her strength of character and her resilience she was able to pick herself up and get on with the rest of her life. She coped very well on her own, knowing that she had long standing friends close by, all of who looked out for Audrey.

In 2015, Audrey fell and suffered a cracked pelvis and broke her hip.  This is really what limited her mobility and her ability to live independently. She went to live with Jane and Neil from 2016 but in 2019 her condition deteriorated which meant that she needed full time care. So, he went to Park House Care Home in Sandbach, where she spent the rest of her life.

She peacefully passed away on June 6th 2020.

The funeral service was held at Crewe Crematorium on Thursday June 18th 2020 and conducted by Martin McNally. Audrey was taken into the service and accompanied by ‘Jerusalem’ sung by the Westminster Abbey Choir. Nat King Coles ‘Unforgettable’ was played as a reflection and the service concluded with ‘I vow to Thee My Country’ by the Westminster Abbey Choir. All the music was chosen to represent Audrey’s wonderful life.

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