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Obituary and Memorial of the Late Benjamin George Johnson

The funeral of Mr Benjamin George Johnson took place at 11am in St Mary’s Church, Astbury on .  The service was conducted by Reverend Anne-Marie Naylor, assisted by Ben’s Uncle, Reverend Kevin Garrett.

Born on the 12th of February 1991.  Ben was a gentle giant but also an avid ‘Gamer’ and since the age of 11, his bedroom was his gaming centre. His room resembled a ‘Bat Cave’ and was decorated to be very dark. His most recent gaming adventure had been within the ‘Dota 2’ Where he had many online friends, from different countries all around the world. As a teenager Ben went to live with his grandparents, Harry, and Vivien. It is said that he came for a holiday and stayed. Seventeen years ago!

Ben was a definite gadget man and was always there to help his grandparents to deal with their technology. He was very thoughtful, Kind and Selfless. With Ben, nothing seemed to be too much for him. This sums up how everyone who knew Ben remembers him and will miss him.

Ben was very proud of where he worked, and his career took off when he joined Bentley Motors as an apprentice. Ben’s natural ability and positive attitude carried all the way to becoming a Senior Technician.  His colleagues at Bentley Motors have nothing but praise for Ben and were honoured to carry him to his final resting place.

Ben’s world evolved around the internet and he shopped online for just about everything. If he overheard someone mention something that they needed he would have it delivered, his caring nature was ever present.

Just before Christmas 2022 Ben felt unwell and was diagnosed with Cancer.  Ben’s outlook was positive and even when he went into the care of East Cheshire Hospice, he was adamant that it was just for a rest and that he would be going home a few days later.  Even before the hospice a young Man (Ryan) took Ben under his Wing and supported Ben during his whole stay in hospital. Ben appreciated his support so much; it made his stay a lot more comfortable before been transferred into the Hospice. Ryan bought Ben a lovely cross & chain to wear, which he wore when he was laid to rest.

On 12th February 2023, and while in the Hospice for his “rest” Ben peacefully closed his eyes and quietly passed away.

On the morning of Tuesday 28th of February 2023, the Funeral Cortege left Ben’s home and made its way to Bentley Motors in Crewe.  Ben’s coffin was escorted past the department where he worked, and his colleagues came out and gave him a standing ovation.  The cortege then made it’s way back to Congleton and to St Mary’s Church Asbury.

Six of Ben’s colleagues carried Ben into church and were accompanied to ‘Sound of Silence’ by The Disturbed.  Reverend Naylor welcomed everyone to church before leading in the Hymn ‘All Things Bright and Beautiful.  Reverend Garrett then read Ben’s Eulogy, at times provoking a joyful reaction from the mourners.  Following the Eulogy there was a moment of reflection where the congregation listed to ‘Totems of Grizzlemaw’ taken from World of Warcraft.  Jane Garrett then read Psalm 23 ‘The Lord is my Shepheard’ Reverend Garrett then gave an address before offering prayer and the Lords Prayer.  The Congregation were then invited to join in the hymn ‘Morning Has Broken’.  Reverend Naylor then offered Prayers of Commendation before Ben was carried from the chapel accompanied by ‘The Voice Within’ by Christian Aquilera.

Ben was then taken to St Mary’s Cemetery and Interred in a private family ceremony.  In a final tribute Ben was lowered into his final resting place by his colleagues from Bentley Motors.

Ben’s coffin bearers were The Bentley Boys; Mr M Benford, Mr N Weir, Mr D French, Mr P Mellor, Mr G Dean and Mr J Ash.

Attending Mourners were:

Mr & Mrs H Johnson (Grandparents). Mr R Johnson (Dad) Miss C Malinowski (Step-mum). Mr A Johnson. Mr & Mrs A Poole. Mr A Poole. Master J Poole. Ms L Green. Mr L Critchely. Mr S Perry. Mr D Sandywell representing Mr & Mrs J Sandywell. Mr N Malinowski representing Mrs S Malinowski. Mr & Mrs K Garrett. Mr & Mrs S Garrett. Mr R Atkinson. Mr J Smith and Miss S Horner. Mr & Mrs M Lowe. Mr S Mason. Mr M Jones. Mr T Hemming. Ms D Dixon. Mr D Johnson representing Mrs G Johnson. Miss M Johnson. Mrs J Marshall representing Mr N Marshall. Mrs E Marshall. Mr R Edwards representing Mrs P Edwards. Mr R Jenks. Mr P Mellor. Mr S Booth. Mr D French. Mr I Jones. Mr G Humphreys. Mr B Wassall representing Mrs H Wassall. Mrs M Turnock representing Mr A Turnock & Mr M Turnock. Mr I Turnock representing Mrs S Turnock. Mr J Garrett Mr N Weir. Mr M Benford. Mr D Sharples. Mr G Dean. Mr J Ash. Mr P Sheils. Mr R Mitchell. Mr S Wheeldon. Mr D Devaal. Mr & Mrs G Johnson. Mr & Mrs G Moss. Mr D Legg. Mrs D Johnson. Mr & Mrs Gibson. Mr R Barton. Mr S Roberts. Mr P Roberts. Mr P Johnson. Mr K Yates. Ms R Turner. Mr D Marshall & Emma. Mrs P Greenhough. Mr N Hammond. Mr L Bennett. Ms S Scott. Mr R Garrett. Mr & Mrs B Bailey representing Mr P Garrett and Ms L Garrett. Mr W Bill. Ms E Johnson. Ms C Johnson representing Mr J Johnson. Mr G Johnson. Ms C Johnson. Mr A Johnson representing Mrs A Johnson & Mr N Johnson

Ben Johnson

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