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Obituary and Memorial of the Late Brian Lesley Hollins

Brian Lesley Hollins was born on 26th March 1943, in Longton Cottage Hospital to Lesley Emmanuel and Marjorie Hollins.

Brian attended Burslem and Hanley High School and upon leaving school, he studied woodwork at college and then began a teaching course at Bristol College.  Leaving college at the end of the 1st year, Brian went to work at a bakery, and then in a pottery factory. In the early 60s Brian joined his brother Martin at Michelin Tyres in a newly established computer department.

Brian met his future wife Janet, at The Place Nightclub in Hanley. Janet needed someone to accompany her to see Dr Zhivago at the cinema and so Brian volunteered!

Brian and Janet married at Astbury Church in Congleton in September 1969. They had their reception at the Sweetenham Arms. They started married life at 6 Vernon Avenue in Congleton and never moved.

They became parents for the first time, to their late daughter Kate in 1972. Very sadly Kate died of ovarian cancer in 2020. Their next child was Nicholas who was born in 1975 and then Richard who came along in 1977. In later life, Brian was delighted to become a grandfather to Jemima, Joseph and Lacy. His grandfather duties expanded with the arrival of Joseph. Much to Brian’s delight, Joseph loved trains.

Brian was very sociable and loved meeting new people. His sporting passions were athletics, rugby and anything involving motor cars. In his later years he became a member of the local club. Although the prime motivation was the opportunity to socialise that it offered, rather than the advancement of his golfing skills.

Brian loved a wide range of music and had quite an eclectic taste. His favourite genre was classical. He also enjoyed more traditional jazz as well as 70s and 80s pop. Albeit to a limited extent, he enjoyed contemporary pop music.

Brian was an avid traveller. From his mid 50s to his mid 60’s he enjoyed trips to North and South America, South Africa, India, Australia, New Zealand, China, South East Asia, along with numerous trips into Europe and around the UK.

Brian was very interested in, mainly, British history and particularly that relating to the military and the Kings and Queens. He loved visiting cathedrals, churches and castles. Classic cars were his lifelong passion. There always was and still is a project car in his garage. Brian never took life very seriously but at the same time, he was very knowledgeable and had an encyclopaedic brain when it came to facts relating to geography, history, cars, trains, buildings, the monarchs and classical music.

Brian led a happy and active life, even when diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer early in 2022.  Brian passed away peacefully on Sunday 11th September 2022 in Macclesfield Hospital.

His funeral was held at Birches Crematorium at 12pm on Friday 30th September 2022, and was officiated by Civil Celebrant Martin McNally.  Despite the inclement weather and autumn rain, the celebration of Brian’s life was very well attended showing how popular and respected he was.

Brian was brought into the chapel accompanied by “Jupiter, The Bringer of Jollity” from “The Planets” by Gustav Holst.  Martin offered a welcome to the attending mourners before reading Brian’s Eulogy.  A personal tribute was given from John Beardmore, and this provided a great many laughs to everyone present.  Following John’s tribute there was a moment of reflection as “La Mer” by Charles Trenet was played. Martin then read a poem “I wish I’d looked after my teeth” written by Pam Ayers, again providing light hearted humour. As the service the congregation left the chapel listening to “Mr Blue Sky” by the Electric Light Orchestra.  A song that was a particular favourite of Brian’s.  The attending mourners were then invited to continue the celebration of Brian’s life at the Swettenham Arms.

Attending mourners were Mrs J Hollins (Wife). Mr & Mrs N Hollins (Son & Daughter in law). Mr & Mrs R Hollins (Son & Daughter in Law). Miss J Hollins. Mr J & Mrs P Beardmore representing Mr & Mrs R Goodier. Mr & Mrs J Burrows. Mr & Mrs G Gallimore. Mr & Mrs K Wainwright. Mr F Speak & Family. Mrs A Green. Mr Andrew Green. Mr A Derbyshire. Jen Derbyshire. Mr & Mrs N Hanley. Mr & Mrs M Beardmore. Mrs L Deakin. Mr & Mrs O Taylor. Mr & Mrs S Beardmore & Grace. Mr & Mrs D Beardmore, Georgia & Scottie. Mr P Hollinshead & Miss L Clark. Mr & Mrs R Slack. Mr & Mrs P Sherwood. Mr & Mrs R Baiton. Ms T Dick. Mr & Mrs I Dyson. Mr & Mrs R Carr. Mr & Mrs D Creasy. Mr & Mrs P Morton & Joanne. Ms V Anderson. Mr & Mrs J Davies. Mr A Dukes. Ms N Young. Ms P Cartlidge. Ms J Kyle. Ms M Comi. Mrs E Mclean. Mr & Mrs R Edwards. Mr & Mrs A Redfern. Mr J Bardgett. Mr & Mrs R Barrett. Mr & Mrs P Bardgett. Mr T Whittingham. Mr & Mrs L Abrahams. Mr L Flowers. Ms Z Matthews & Mr A Smith. Mr & Mrs T Matthews. Eileen Gooston. Eddy Haycock & Anne. Mr & Mrs A Whitby. Mr R Knapper & Mazzella. Mr & Mrs J Stevenson. Mr K James representing Mandy James & James Castle. Mr K Anderson. Mr & Mrs P Webb. Mr M Webb. Mr & Mrs D Mcallister. Mr & Mrs M James. Mr E James. Mr & Mrs D Withington & Faye. Miss S Anderson. Miss J Cotton. Miss S Foreman. Miss S Randells. Mr D Hollinshead. Miss Y Edgerley. Mr & Mrs C Mason. Mr & Mrs A Brough. Mr & Mrs J Wood. Mr S Spruce. Mrs J Bayley & Miss E Bayley. Ms C Holdcroft. Mr P Holdcroft representing Ms M Holdcroft. Ms E Lucci. Mr & Mrs C Perkins. Mrs I Le Couit. Mr & Mrs G Hurd representing Ms B Hurd. Mr A Bayley. Mr & Mrs J Axjord. Mr & Mrs Harper & Annette. Mr & Mrs Kennerley. Mr P Beech. Mrs J Lawson. Mr & Mrs P Aldridge. Mr G Worth. Mr N Alcock. Mr R Green. Mr B Grayson. Mr D Johnson. Mr R Hedale. Mr & Mrs D Miller. Mr & Mrs B Lewis. Mr & Mrs A Curwin. Mr & Mrs P Giggs. Mr J Wade. Mr K Fell. Mr A Leigh. Mr S Murray Representing Ms M Murray. Mr J Murray representing Ms E Murray. Mr & Mrs S Hopkins. Mr S Grant. Mr E Howell. Mr & Mrs M Bielinski. Mr & Mrs J Moulds. Mr J Volpicelli. Mr R Horton. Mr & Mrs T Matthews representing Mrs C Wrench, Katie, Ramone & Dylan. Mrs E Goesten representing Louisa & Stuart. Mr & Mrs I.D Jottson. Mr R & Mrs C Carr. Mr P Sherwood. Ms J Shufflebottom representing Mr C Ingie & Mr M Ingie. Mrs N Derhins. Mr C Derhins. Mr A Redfern. Ms A Redfern. Dr & Mrs Morton. Miss J Morton. Ms J Lawson. Ms E King Representing Mr J King, Mr S Burgess, Mr T Burgess & Mr H Burgess.

Brian Hollins

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