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Obituary and Memorial of the Late Philippa Louise Tyrer

The funeral service and life celebration of Philippa Louise Tyrer took place at Birches Crematorium, Northwich on Friday 19th May 2023. The service was conducted by Civil Celebrant, Kate Moran.

Philippa Louise Coles was born on the 4th of July 1974 in Aberdeen to James and Julia Coles. Philippa’s father worked for Shell and Philippa moved around the country and abroad as a result of his work including a spell in Abu Dhabi. Philippa’s father left Shell to run a village post office and shop in Hampshire where the family eventually settled.

Philippa attended the local primary school in Abbotts Ann before joining the John Hansen secondary school in Andover. Her love of English took her to study it at degree level at Cheltenham and Gloucester College.

It was at her graduation ball in November 1995 that she first met Paul on a blind date arranged through mutual friends. Although there was a lot of gin consumed that evening Philippa swore blind it was love at first sight.

Romance soon blossomed and, after several months of travelling up and down the M6 in her beloved bright blue mini each weekend, Philippa made the decision to move to Macclesfield to be with Paul.

This was a big move for Philippa as it meant leaving behind all her friends and family in Hampshire. She found work as a recruitment consultant in Manchester whilst Paul trained as a solicitor with a city centre firm. They bought their first home together in Macclesfield that Summer. When they first met they could clash, they were both very similar! Because Philippa was an only child she was used to getting her own way, of course,  it was always the right way, but as with all relationships they learned to give and take and they became a team.

Just a year after that initial gin-soaked meeting in Cheltenham they married in November 1996 at a small civil ceremony at the Deanwater Hotel in Handforth surrounded by close friends and family followed by a short honeymoon in Edinburgh.

Four years later, In 2000 their eldest child, James, was born. The arrival was briefly celebrated but at three weeks old his collapse due to a previously undiagnosed congenital heart defect proved to be a traumatic time for them both.

Philippa and Paul nearly lost James and were at his bedside for several weeks at Alder Hey hospital following cardiac surgery. Following his successful operation Philippa was reluctant to return to work and instead dedicated herself to her young family. James was soon joined a couple of years later by Phoebe and then in 2005 by George. Philippa was a devoted Mum and her children were, and are, her world.

Having thought that the family was complete, discovering that she was again pregnant in 2009 was something of a surprise. It was an even bigger surprise to discover at the 12 week scan that it was twins!  With no history of twins on either side of the family Philippa confidently attended the scan alone leaving Paul at home to look after George.

The shock proved so great for Philippa that the sonographer would not allow Philippa to drive home until she had calmed down sufficiently. Max and Mia subsequently arrived two months early in October 2009 and their premature arrival resulted in them being delivered at Arrowe Park hospital in Birkenhead, being the only neonatal unit in the region with two spare incubators. The twins were born via an emergency C-section which caused Philippa to lose a lot of blood.

When the twins were very small,  early trips out attracted a lot of interest from well meaning shoppers. Comments such as “one of each”, “are they identical?” and frequently “you don’t need any more” punctuated one particular trip around John Lewis.  Tiring of the constant interruptions to the shopping trip, one well wisher was eventually answered with the reply “we have another three at home”!!

The family loved being out in the countryside, they were national Trust members and enjoyed seeing lots of different properties, Philippa’s favourite was Dunham Massey where they were regular visitors. There were family walks with the twins on scooters and holidays to Aberdovey in Wales. Philippa was not a fan of the sun, after living in such a hot country growing up. She always walked the kids to school, rain, hail or shine, refusing to take the car on such a short trip.

The family loved going to the Picturedrome in Macclesfield with all the different food vendors, they had many happy family times there. She loved the mezze platters and grain bowls whereas the kids much preferred the pizzas and burgers they had to offer! She was a great cook, making meals from scratch most nights with Paul taking over the kitchen on a Sunday for the weekly roast dinners!

When the twins were young, she would blog about her journey as a mum, she got loads of free things sent to her to review and blog about.  She would take the kids out to the park, soft plays, and a special day out to watch Ninja Warrior up in Manchester and even a day out walking with alpacas.

As the children grew up Philippa looked to new challenges to occupy her time. Running became her new passion even though Paul initially expressed complete surprise when she announced she was taking up Couch to 5k. However, as with everything Philippa was determined and after quickly completing Couch to 5k she moved on to new challenges.

She began by entering 5k races, then half marathons and then completed her first marathon in Liverpool in May 2018. She was extremely proud of this achievement, but not content with her performance she quickly entered her second marathon to improve her time. Running not only improved her fitness and mental well-being but opened up a whole new circle of friends that she enjoyed meeting at various race meetings.  She was also a well known participant and enthusiastic volunteer at the local Park Run at Astbury Mere. As part of the core team Philippa was known for greeting and marshalling fellow runners with her friendly smile and gentle words of encouragement. She managed her final laps of the Mere in October last year at her 188th Park Run supported by her friends Sarah and Jessica and several of Paul’s work colleagues who made a special appearance to show their support.

Special mention must also be made of the other love of Philippa’s life – her beloved dachshund, Frank. She loved nothing more than taking him for walks around local beauty spots in particular up The Cloud and around Macclesfield Forest and many a happy time was spent walking him and showing him off.

Up until Philippa’s cancer diagnosis in July last year life was good. The children were growing up fast with James and Phoebe both attending Manchester Metropolitan University, George studying for his A Levels and Max and Mia enjoying High School.

For the first time in 20 years Paul and Philippa were able to spend an increasing amount of time out together at meals and trips without children in tow and they were only just beginning to enjoy this new found freedom.

When the cancer diagnosis was first made Philippa was told that she would be able to receive treatment and hopefully make a full recovery. However, it quickly became clear from her scans and investigations that she had a particularly aggressive form of cancer which had spread to her spine and unfortunately was incurable.

With typical bravery and fortitude she faced ten rounds of chemotherapy and treatment in the knowledge that this would not cure the cancer in any way but hopefully buy her some valuable extra time to spend with the family. And initially it did. It allowed her to enjoy a few simple pleasures including a few small walks with Frank. One of her final trips out was to Crufts in Birmingham which was something she had always wanted to attend. Perhaps unsurprisingly she returned laden with an enormous amount of treats and toys for one slightly spoilt dog.

During this difficult time Philippa received fabulous support from friends and family. Paul would particularly like to thank his work colleagues who to date have raised well  over £10,000 for the Christie in Macclesfield where Philippa received most of her treatment. Special mention must also be made of the fabulous doctors and nurses at East Cheshire Hospice who provided Philippa with physical and emotional care in her final weeks. Their dedication and professionalism made a huge difference to Philippa and the family in their hour of need.

Her family and children were, by her own admission, Philippa’s greatest achievement.

She was incredibly proud of James, Phoebe, George and Max and Mia. She dedicated her life to bringing up the kids and not once regretted giving up her career to raise a family.

She was there for them at every sports day, every Christmas play and parents’ evening. She really hoped to be able to live long enough to see James and Phoebe graduate from University this Summer and to see George pick up his A Level results. Sadly that was not to be. However she knows that they have each worked incredibly hard to get where they are and wanted them to know how proud she was of their efforts.

Following a short battle, fought with great fortitude and bravery, Philippa passed away in the care of East Cheshire Hospice on the 4th May 2023. The funeral service and life celebration took place at Birches Crematorium, Northwich on Friday 19th May 2023. The service was conducted by Civil Celebrant, Kate Moran.

Philippa was taken into the chapel at Birches within a beautiful wicker coffin which she had personally requested.  She was accompanied by ‘Once upon a poolside’ by The National. Kate offered everyone words of welcome, before reading a tribute and eulogy to Philippa’s life written by Paul.  Following the tribute there was a quiet moment of reflection as the congregation watched a photo montage accompanied by ‘Stop Crying Your Heart Out’ by Oasis.  Kate then returned to the lectern and read the poem ‘Think of Me’ by Emilie Lauren Jones.  Kate then offered some blessings and a final farewell to Philippa before committing her body to cremation.  The congregation left the chapel to ‘Kite’ by U2, where they were offered refreshments.

Donations were collected and given to support the work of East Cheshire Hospice.

Attending Mourners were Mr P Tyrer (Husband). Miss P Tyrer (Daughter). Mr J Tyrer (Son) Master G Tyrer (Son). Master M Tyrer (Son). Miss M Tyrer (Daughter). Mrs J Coles. Mr P Bedford. Mr C Tyrer. Mrs L Tyrer. Mrs S Dinnis. Mr A Dinnis. Mr W Dinnis. Mr A Dinnis. Mrs H Gowin. Mr C Haywood. Mr S Hardy. Mrs N Hardy. Mrs D Krelle. Mr L Barker. Mrs C Barker. Miss K Tyrer. Mrs C Robinson. Mr M Robinson. Mrs S Richards. Mr C Allen. Mrs B Allen. Mrs A Dunwoody. Mr A Dunwoody. Mrs H Dunwoody. Mr P Harman. Mr W Moores. Mrs S Adshead. Mr J Orrell. Mrs K Whitby. Mr R Govier. Mr S Govier. Mrs P Minshull. Mrs B Bosson. Mrs P Hampson. Mr S Percy. Mr M Canfield. Mr J Anderson. Alison. Mr C Johnstone. Mr K Johnstone. Mrs A Whiteley. Miss S Adshead. Dr C Chapman. Mrs A Proctor. B Yale. Ms J Conway. Mrs P Price. Mr M Warren Representative from Congleton School Senior Leadership team.

The video of Philippa’s service can be seen below.

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